Technology Driven Ad Solution


For Associates:


Why should we associate with PlanMyAd (PMA)? 

PMA will provide you with an ADDITIONAL SALES AVENUE that will help you enhance your reach beyond ad agencies and interact with customers. We will make it easier for advertisers to reach you by enumerating and displaying your inventory digitally/ online.


Is PMA chargeable? 

You will be charged no money for associating with us. We are a FREE platform, so make most use of us! 


Is listing free? 



How does PMA earn its revenue?

 We depend on a token commission on successfully effected transactions for our revenue.


How will my payment be secured?

 We have a mechanism to ensure that payment comes to us before you provide the services. Once the services are delivered, your payment will be disbursed to you.


Will I be entitled to receive payment if advertiser cancels the order after booking? 

Yes! Once the booking is done, the contract comes into existence and even if the other party cancels it, you will be entitled to receive the payment promised.



For Customers:


What is OOH?

 OOH stands for Out-Of-Home, thus OOH media refer to all outdoor advertising media we are likely to find every time we step out of our homes. It includes hoardings, multiplex advertising, wallscapes, buses, transit media and much more!


Does PlanMyAd (PMA) own the listed media?

 No, PMA associates with media owners and lists their media offerings for advertisers to choose.


How can I go about the booking process?

 Just go through our Sign Up process and you’re good to go!


Why should I book through PMA?

 The advantages of e-commerce with respect to saving time and money are extensively known. In addition to this, we are a swift and easy approach to your ad campaign since we adhere to our deadlines and facilitate bookings promptly.

Best part, no hopping from agency to agency, no mind numbing spreadsheets and phone calls!


Will online booking escalate my price?

Absolutely not!Media owners will quote the prices directly, thus eliminating middlemen.


Is it desirable to book OOH media online?

PMA brings you smart filters and analytics that will help you reach your target audience and stay within your budget at the same time. We will provide all relevant information about the location, congestion/ crowd along with pictures, so you can be rest assured.


Can PMA print and ship the ad material as well?

 Yes, just let us know through a phone call or a mail.


What is the payment process upon booking?

Upon booking, a payment schedule will be mailed to you with amount payable and corresponding deadlines. Payment will be taken in advance for every 2 weeks span.

On receiving your first installment, we’ll initiate your booking promptly.


What happens if I default in my payment subsequently?

 A payment reminder will be sent from our team. If however, a client fails to pay even after the reminder, the booking shall stand cancelled for the remaining period.


Will I be notified if my ad material has been put up or not?

 As soon as the ad material is put up, our team will send you a confirmation message. You may also choose to receive photographs with the material put up at your option.


Can I cancel my booking post payment of advance money?

On cancellation of booking, the payment will be forfeited. However, team PMA will negotiate with the media owner on your behalf since the money belongs to them.