It is a competitive world and every brand is trying to create a unique identity of its own. The challenge lies in finding a medium that would effectively convey the brand message to the target audience. Marketers have numerous mediums at their disposal but researches have established the fact that Cinema Advertising is nearly 8 times more effective as compared to television, outdoor and radio. The reasons are as follows,


A huge advantage of this medium is that marketers do not have to go to the customers in order to promote their product. Instead the customers pay to be at the movie theatre, therefore they are willing to watch the commercials. On the other hand the comfortable sitting arrangement, the darkness, silenced mobile phones and the high quality audio-visual captivates the viewer. And it is way easier to reach a customer when he or she is in such a relaxed state of mind.


Audience reach the theatre at least 10 to 15 minutes before the movie starts which buys the advertisers enough time to display short ad films to promote brands. Inside the theatre audiences are given no option to skip, change or block the advertisements unlike radio and television. Therefore the brand message reaches them effectively, creating a lasting impact on their mind.


Inside the movie theatre there is absolutely no competition unlike the outdoor advertisements. Therefore there is absolutely no headache of standing out from the clustered environment. The commercials displayed on the cinema screen get the undivided attention of the audiences. This is a major advantage of Cinema Advertising.


Through Cinema Marketing customers in specific demographics can be targeted. Marketers can also reach out niche customers by associating the campaign with the movies. Film theatres these days have a sitting capacity of nearly two to three hundred people every show. This number is even larger when it comes to multiplexes or cinema chains. Also since it is an audio visual medium it requires little intellect to understand the message that is being conveyed through the commercial. Hence it appeals to customers from every part of the society.


Cinema Advertising can be done both on and off screen. Commercials displayed inside the theatre on the screen are the on screen advertisements, while the ones displayed on ticket counters and snacks counters are off screen advertising.

On screen Advertising includes

  • Product Placement advertising i.e products promoted in the movie.
  • Commercials that are played before the movie starts.

The on screen ads can be 10 seconds to 120 seconds long.

Off Screen Advertisement includes,

  • Hoardings
  • Lift Branding
  • Door Branding
  • Snacks Counter branding
  • Menu Card Branding
  • Seat Branding


  • The gigantic screen and advanced technology audio visuals mesmerise the audience. They remain completely captivated and in this state of relaxed mind absorbs the messages easily.
  • Since the commercials are displayed in an isolated environment, there is no competition. Neither is there the headache of standing out. In fact, according to market reseaches cinema is more effective than the other forms of advertising since the content is emotionally engaging.
  • A specific demographic can be targeted through this form of advertising. That is the inhabitants of same locality as the movie theatre can be reached.
  • The rates of cinema marketing is comparatively low but generate higher ROI.


At Planmyad we partner with over 8000 screens across the country. Planmyad is a one stop e solution for cinema advertising. We offer services in both on and off screen advertising at surprisingly low rates.

Our clients follow only a few simple steps to book a screen. They have to simply select the city, branding type and duration of the commercial and we will show the rate cards for the screens that are available. Our rates start from around 600 for single screens.

Ad films are generally released on a Friday and the advertiser has to submit the film to the theatre at least a day before.

Researches show that the promotional videos played in the theatres create a deeper impact upon the viewers than the movies that they watch. One may not be able to remember every movie that he or she saw in the film theatre, but no can fail to recapitulate the Just Dial ads or even the anti-smoking commercials.

Cinema marketing works best for small business. Although certain marketers are still reluctant to invest in this medium, Dina Mukherjee (CMO, Carnival Cinemas) thinks that advertisers have to be made aware of the fact that Cinema, unlike television and print is not an expensive medium. This form of advertising is similar to Radio and OOH according to her.

In the past few years interval time has increased from 10 minutes to nearly 35 minutes. This though is frustrating for the audience, is a good opportunity for the brands to convey their message. The number of commercials has increased as most of them opt for a 30 sec spot.

Since this is an audio visual medium, it needs little intellect to understand the messages conveyed through the ad films, therefore breaking the barriers of literacy and intellect.

Also the cost of cinema advertising is comparatively low and can spread brand awareness in short times. Adverts that are created with reference to the blockbuster movies that people are going to watch create high impact. This improves brand image and generates conversion. Although it can sometimes be difficult to measure the results. There is no concrete number that can be used as results. But that is where ad agencies can be helpful. They have analytical tools to measure proper results and ensure ROI from the campaigns.