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Planmyad suggests some advantages of pole kiosks as outdoor advertising media

1) Target centric:

A pole kiosk can easily be a media for area specific and society specific campaign and hence they can be much more target centric an option for outdoor advertising

2) Low budget with high ROI:

Pole kiosk campaign costs can be comparatively low and affordable as far outdoor advertising is concerned and so they can be a more appropriate option for a augmented ROI for the advertisers

3) It spreads over an area and leaves a lasting impression to its audience:

As pole kiosk displays are usually repetitive and spreads over an entire stretch of a road so pertaining to this attribute they leave a lasting impression to their viewers

4) It can lead a customer to the respective business location:

Pole kiosks are having a unique advantage of showing an inclined customer the way to its respective business location.

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