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Out of Home Advertising is a form of advertising targeted at mobile customers, so that firms can reach out to their customers not only where they reside, but also where they travel. This is one of the best ways for them to generate constant customer awareness and to instantly sway their customers’ decisions without actually having to be there.

You might be wondering what exactly OOH entails, and it is probablywhat you think it is: billboards, hoardings, gantries, ads on buses, subways, metros and so much more. Any advert you see outside your home is a form of OOH. As a promising part of the advertising industry here in India, it is important for us to take a good look at it.

OOH media can be very important when considering geographical locations. It is one thing to see an advert for a new store on television, and quite another to have a billboard pointing you there! OOH media is more prompt and instantaneous than any other form of advertising. It is also easier to persuade people through OOH, as it often provides solutions to immediate problems.

WHY OOH:With the significant rise of the working class in India, the number of people who commute between workplaces and homes has seen a surge. This is why, despite its rather small market share, OOH is becoming increasingly important within the Indian sub-continent.  Creative advertisers everywhere are looking for ways to make OOH stand out and grip you; be it on the road, at cinema or mall; even while you’re busy – they’re simply meant to grab your attention.

CHANGE IN OOH:In the Indian context the industry requires innovative, bold measures in order to wield its true potential. Though it is a seasoned mode of advertising, the industry has not yet leveraged technological advancements to its advantage. However, the boons of digitalising the industry are now evident and some enterprising market participants are making an effort to conduct business in line with the latest technological practices. It is quite remarkable that where normal printers once took 40 hours to print a large banner, a continuous inkjet printer today only takes two hours. That is an astounding 20,000% improvement in speed!

WE ARE DIFFERENT:We at PlanMyAd believe that modernising the functions and operations of the industry has immense scope and it may open novel doors for the future of OOH Advertising. We have set our sail to accomplish just this. How about you sail with us?


  • Komal