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With millennials spending over 200 minutes online every day and meme sharing witnessing a boom, meme marketing is gradually evolving as the latest advertising trend.

Meme marketing? Really?

Yes, you heard it right.

Here’s a list of the advantages of following this trend:

  1. Relatable: Because of their high relatability quotient, memes are gradually becoming one of the most sought-after ingredients in marketing.
  2. Memorable: A meme that successfully manages to tickle the audience can convey a brand message more effectively than a traditional ad.
  3. Indirect Marketing: Unlike conventional marketing, meme marketing can help advertise your brand without ‘actually’ appearing like an ad. The memes make an indirect, casual reference to your brand, and that does the trick. Hence, it’s emerging as the smarter way to marketing your brand with a touch of wit.
  4. Trend: It goes without saying that one has to catch the trend in order to start trending. If you keep a track of the latest trending memes on various social media platforms, you can modify them for usage as per your branding requirements.
  5. Jargon-free way to connect: As memes used for marketing purposes are free of any technical phrase, they automatically tend to connect with the audience.
  6. Unmistakable hit among everyone: Who does not love memes? From college students to bored office workers, memes instantly connect with anyone. Eventually, the demand for the brand shoots up.
  7. Saves Time: Unless you actually go to the point of creating a meme yourself, using an edited version of an already-trending meme can save your precious time. After all, a funny one-liner connects faster than a lengthy blog or press release.

Considering the pros of using memes in marketing your brand, it is definitely worth a try. If it clicks with the audience, there are higher chances of it going viral in a moment. As a result, the demand for your brand will automatically increase.

After all, witty is the new smart.