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Have you ever seen huge life size posters and ads on roads, posters that don’t just ask you to try a product but interact with you, that don’t just boast of amazing giveaways but talk of worthy investments, that are not merely monolgues but dialogues. If you have experienced something of this sort, then you know what’s Guerrilla Marketing!
Guerrilla marketing is unconventional, simple to implement and is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your goods or services. Creatively promoting brands in new methods like using flash mobs, graffitis, digital mobile technology, standees, flyers, balloon advertising are all examples of Guerrilla Advertising. They are thought provoking and are found in unusual areas where the ads of other companies are not present to mar the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Like other advertising modes, it also aims to fetch companies huge profits, but not in a traditional way. Telephone calls, rather, unwanted calls, spams, junk mails and personal selling are too monotonous and almost all companies are following the same path. To make you stand apart among hundreds of companies shouting out to promote their products, you sure need an X Factor. Guerrilla marketing is this X factor which is different in the sense that marketing tactics need not approach the consumers directly, on the contrary the consumers approach your product! Yes! Target them, attract them and retain them.
What makes Guerrilla marketing more interesting is the fact that this concept is not explored extensively in India and hence companies can tap this segment with a first mover advantage.
Some striking features about Guerrilla marketing are:

outdoor advertising, ooh media

1. Marketing with a twist
Guerrilla marketing is not traditional marketing. It is capable enough to grab the attention of hundreds, thousands or perhaps lakhs of people at a time.

2. The Net Connect
Social media marketing or internet marketing can definitely be used as a companion. Pick and present bright and beautiful advertisements on the net by adding the link to your website.

3. Economical is not being cheap
There is a very thin line between being economical and being cheap. Don’t show that you are not doing something because you can’t afford it. Not going for full fledged television advertisement campaign can also be a strategical decision apart from being an economical one!

4. Play safe with humor
If not deployed intellectually, Guerrilla marketing techniques may offend the people. Religious symbols, political symbols, gender issues etc must be avoided in order to have a smooth advertising experience.

Basically, Guerrilla marketing deals with mass advertising with a low budget. Introducing your brand to a market of thousands of potential customers in a way that is visually appealing, the memory of which will remain with the customers for many years to come. Just knowing about this amazing concepts is not enough. Apply this and reap the benefits of this awesome new way of connecting with the world.

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