We appreciate how technology has helped businesses progress and prosper, so we leverage technology to convert the latent potential in the OOH Industry into a lucrative reality. Our mission is to create technology for effective and efficient planning and execution of outdoor campaigns. We have devised Analytics based planning tools that use demographic and geographic data as inputs to yield scientific results that will successfully sway the target audience of companies. Outdoor advertising in India is still rooted to outdated and unproductive ways of doing business and hasn’t undergone any change. Ad Agencies, taking advantage of disorganization, are controlling most of this 3500 Cr industry (figure as per estimates). Infact, instead of being supporters of the sector, they are emerging as governors due to which the media owners and advertisers are both at a loss. Our mission is to bring about a transformation to this scenario.



 Our long-term goal is to set forth a superior mechanism for advertising through data-driven planning tools and timely execution. Our efforts are directed to maximize the value we deliver to our clients by helping them reach their target audience accurately in the most cost effective manner. We aspire to organize and systemize the fragmented outdoor advertising industry to pave way for its optimum growth. Our vision is supported by strong fundamentals. To achieve our vision we have created a simple and easy solution for OOH through which we create a win-win situation for vendors and advertisers.


Vidita Kochar                                                                               Nipun Kochar